Fieldproxy Documentation
Fieldproxy empowers you to take complete control of your field operations with a robust suite of features designed to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and optimize performance. This document serves as your comprehensive guide to managing your field force effectively using Fieldproxy's capabilities.
Streamlined Field Operations:
Effortless Work Order & Job Management: Create, assign, and track work orders with ease. Fieldproxy ensures your technicians have all the necessary information at their fingertips for on-site success.
Intelligent Route Optimization: Save time and resources with Fieldproxy's AI-powered route optimization. It automatically plans the most efficient travel routes for your technicians, minimizing travel time and fuel consumption.
Real-Time Field Agent Monitoring: Gain real-time insights into your field team's activity. Track their location, monitor progress, and ensure they're on schedule.
Enhanced Team Communication & Collaboration:
Seamless Customer & Project Management: Fieldproxy centralizes customer information, project details, and communication channels. This fosters collaboration and ensures everyone has access to the latest updates.
Mobile App for Enhanced Field Agent Experience: Equip your field agents with the Fieldproxy mobile app. It allows them to view work orders, update task statuses, capture data on the go, and communicate with dispatch or customers directly.
Unparalleled Customization & Flexibility:
Tailored Workflows for Your Unique Needs: Fieldproxy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Leverage its powerful customization features to create workflows that perfectly align with your specific business processes.
Geo-fencing for Added Security & Visibility: Define designated geographic areas (geo-fences) for your field agents. Receive alerts when they enter or exit these zones, enhancing accountability and ensuring they're operating within designated areas.
Actionable Insights & Data-Driven Decisions:
Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics: Uncover valuable insights into your field operations with Fieldproxy's robust reporting and analytics tools. Generate reports to track key performance indicators (KPIs), identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions for greater efficiency.

Fieldproxy keeps your field team running smoothly. Here's how:
Track & Assign Jobs: Create and assign work orders, making sure your technicians have everything they need.
Optimize Routes: Save time and money with smart route planning that minimizes travel time.
See Your Team in Action: Track your field agents' location and progress in real-time.
Manage Customers & Projects: Keep all your customer information and project details organized in one place.
Mobile App for Field Agents: Equip your team with a mobile app for on-the-go access to work orders, data capture, and communication.
Customize It Your Way: Fieldproxy adapts to your business. Build workflows that match your specific needs.
Know Where Your Team Goes: Set up geo-fences to track when agents enter or leave designated areas.
Make Data-Driven Decisions: Get insights with reports and analytics to improve efficiency.
Fieldproxy simplifies field force management, letting you focus on what matters most: getting the job done.

This document is just the beginning of your Fieldproxy journey! Explore the platform's extensive features and delve deeper into each capability to unlock the full potential of Fieldproxy. Remember, you can also leverage the comprehensive documentation and support resources available to maximize your field force management success.
Note: While this document provides a high-level overview of Fieldproxy's features, it's not an exhaustive list. We recommend exploring the Fieldproxy platform and their resources for detailed information on each functionality.

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