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Fieldproxy Glossary

This section explains all the modules and key terms present within the Application.


This lets the user create dashboards/apps within the Fieldproxy Application.


To Manipulate the data which you have stored within the application. Using this you can manipulate the data using Queries and add it to your dashboard.


To create the Operational Process for your field team to record data


This stores all your data within the Application.


These are your field users, who can access the process and record data for your buisness operations


Field users can be grouped into a team of users, and processes can be allocated to team.

Account Users

These are your Desktop users, who can manage the data entered by your field team and plan the next course of action.

AI Visualization Module

Create charts using your data using AI.

Template Library

These are packaged solutions which lets you see what Fieldproxy can do for you.

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