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Freshdesk + Fieldproxy Field Jobs Management

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Freshdesk Integration

Integrate it with the Job Template

Install Fieldproxy in Freshdesk

To Install the Fieldproxy into Freshdesk, do the following steps
Login to your Freshdesk portal as an Administrator
Go to Admin > Support Operations > Apps
Search for “Fieldproxy - Field Ticket Management” in the Search bar.
Click on Install.
Get the , and add to Freshdesk.

Fieldproxy API Key:

To get the Fieldproxy API key, do the following
Login into Fieldproxy
Go to Profile Settings

Click on the Admin tab, You can find the Organization API key
Click on Generate Key
Copy the API key of Fieldproxy

Setting up Freshdesk ticketing in Fieldproxy

To Connect your freshdesk with Fieldproxy, do the following.
Login into Fieldproxy Application.
Click on Profile Settings on the bottom of the screen
Select Integrations → Freshdesk Integration.
Enter the and Freshdesk Domain.

How does Fieldproxy communicated with Freshdesk?

Create job using the Freshdesk into Fieldproxy
This creates the Contacts, Company and the Job in the Application.
Once the Job is created, it will update the status and the link in the Freshdesk.
Agent Accepts the Job
Status in the Freshdesk will be modified along with this Information.
Note will be added to the Freshdesk with the Job information.
Agent has reached the customer Location.
Note will be added to the Freshdesk along with the Job Information.
Agent checksin to the Location.
Information is again gets updated in the Freshdesk
Agent completes the Checklist
Note is updated to the Freshdesk.
Agent Completes the Visit.
Visit Summary to be sent to the Freshdesk, along with the Job URL and manager can download the PDF from the Job URL.


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