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Zendesk + Fieldproxy Field Jobs Management

About this template

Field job management templates offer a powerful solution, acting as a centralized hub for all your field jobs. These templates provide a structured way to organize and track job information, scheduling, and status. They can be customized to your specific needs and even include features like data analysis and offline functionality.
By streamlining scheduling, tracking, and reporting, field job management templates significantly improve efficiency. They also offer the potential to integrate with third-party products, further enhancing your workflow. For instance, you can connect them to customer service platforms like Freshdesk and Zendesk, while managing the field work itself through Fieldproxy. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth-running field service operation, with happy customers and a productive workforce.

What does this template solve?

Disorganization: Scattered notes, forgotten assignments, missed deadlines.
Inefficient Scheduling: Wrong worker assigned, wasted time and resources.
Offline Connectivity Issues: Field workers can't access job information in remote locations.

How to use the Field Job Management?

How does it work?

Field Agent Flow:

What does the field agents can do using the application in this template?
Field agents can login into the Field Application, and do the following.
Start Work, ( To track their accurate location )
Punch In ( To mark their attendance )
Accept the Job assigned to the agent.
Start the Job
Checkin at Customer Location
Complete the Checklist
Mark Asset ( Optional )
End Job
Record Expenses for the Job.
Punch Out ( To mark the end of their work day )

On Completion of these steps, a PDF gets generated for the job within the system.
This is standard flow step up for the Field agent within this template. Other than this flow, the end user can customize other flows for their field agent using Process builder.

Field Agent Metrics:

What are the metrics the field agents can see on their mobile app?
As a Field agents, would be able to see their achievements, travel history and Job history
Location Kms Travelled.
Total Open and Completed Jobs
Job List.
Attendance Logs ( Working hours)

Admin and Web Application Users

Admin and other web application users have access to a more comprehensive Field Job Management web application. This allows them to manage and track their field agents effectively. The web application typically includes the following modules:
Dashboard: Provides a high-level overview of key performance indicators (KPIs) like job completion rates, agent performance, and resource allocation.
Schedule Jobs: Enables scheduling and assigning jobs to specific field agents based on their availability and skillset.
Jobs: Offers a centralized view of all jobs, including their status, location, and assigned agent.
Contacts: Manages customer and contact information.
Company: Provides company information and settings.
Reports: Generates reports on various aspects of field operations, such as job completion times, agent productivity, and customer satisfaction.
Location Tracking: Allows real-time monitoring of field agent locations to optimize scheduling and resource allocation.



To Learn more about the Modules,
In essence, the field agent mobile app offers a streamlined workflow for completing assigned jobs and tracking performance, while the web application empowers admins and managers with the tools to manage and oversee the entire field service operation.

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